To create an avenue for food security achievement and poverty reduction by strengthening the capacity of women in the agriculture value chain


Support For Women In Agriculture...

  • Provide support for women to enable them gain financial independence, improve livelihood and promote their health sustainable agriculture. 
  • Train rural women to gain new streams of income through regenerative farming.

Food Security Research and Advocacy

  • Investigation of Natural Contributions at Farm Level.
  • Identify and approximately aggregate studies that investigate the contribution of natural resources management to food production systems through ecosystem services and disservices provisioning at farm levels.
  • Analyze the identified studies through quantitative synthesis to establish the effects of forests, soil and water presence on food production and use the findings to identify knowledge gaps and recommend future research priorities.


Train women in rural, indigenous, migrant, and vulnerable communities to

  • maximize yields
  • reforest farm settlements.
  • adapt to climate change.
  • engage stakeholders to ensure success of humanitarian aid deliverables.
  • provides social and technical support to Women farmers.
  • restores depleted forests around farm settlements.

Global Focus

We are focused on

  • We are focused on advancing indigenous and local climate activism.

  • Strengthening climate movement locally, national, regional, international, and global.

  • We seek to support government, private sector, humanitarian agencies, value chain actors and policymakers to increase global food security and climate ambition.

  • Work closely with Regional Focal points across the world offering resources to enhance the work of young humanitarians and activists in local communities.

  • Engage the governments and policy makers to advance indigenous perspectives in global food security and Climate Policy.

Partnership Goals

  • Climate Tech innovations
  • Circular Economy
  • Food security research and advocacy
  • Women empowerment
  • Climate Justice
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Climate Communications
  • Public Campaigns
  • Climate Research and Policy
  • Capacity Building, and Climate Education